D-Link DCS-6517 IP Camera

When it comes to high-quality surveillance products, you can always turn to D-Link to provide you with that.

In fact, they offer a wide range of IP Security cameras you can choose from. But, of course, it is hard to choose, especially if you’re presented with a lot of options.

Luckily for you, you will not have to choose as I am recommending one D-Link IP camera in this article.

I want to talk about the D-Link DCS-6517 IP Camera. This is a 5-megapixel domed camera that should be installed outside of your premises.

Now, I love Domed-type IP cameras mainly because they are protected from harsh elements and that it will be hard for people to discern where the camera is currently looking at.

Furthermore, you can adjust the angle where this particular IP camera will focus on so that you can get footage from different angles.

The D-Link DCS-6517 IP Camera has an intelligent real-time compression algorithm that not only improves the quality of the footage but it also compresses the final video output in a more compact way.

This a good feature since high-resolution IP cameras such as this one will usually record footage at a much bigger file size.

Speaking of resolution, the D-Link DCS-6517 IP Camera supports up to 2560×1920 resolution for unparalleled, high-quality video output.

Of course, higher-resolution videos will always be larger in file size that is why the camera’s compression algorithm comes into play. It does it in real-time while it is recording footage which is pretty nice. And oh, this feature is already turned on by default.

Another great feature of the D-Link DCS-6517 IP Camera is its WDR. WDR stands for “Wide Dynamic Range” and it is just a fancy term for making the video quality great.

It is a sort of video enhancement feature that improves the quality of the footage despite lighting conditions. Speaking of which, the D-Link DCS-6517 IP Camera comes with IR LEDs and IR filters.

The IR LEDs work automatically whenever it detects that the surrounds are dark or dimly lit. The IR filter, on the other hand, will work when there is too much light (or it is daytime or in the afternoon).

When nighttime comes, the IR filter conveniently steps aside automatically so that the IP camera can turn on its IR LEDs for better night vision.

The D-Link DCS-6517 IP Camera, like other D-Link IP cameras, comes with the D-ViewCam. This is D-Link’s proprietary IP camera management software.

Everything you need to tweak about the IP camera can be done using the software. You can adjust the resolution, you can turn on the microphone and alarm, you can set different parameters that pertain to motion detection, and much more.

You can even make use of the software to control where the camera focuses its lens at. This can be a really good feature, especially if you want to gain another view of your premises.

The D-Link DCS-6517 IP Camera is a really good IP camera and for the price of only $110, it is a steal.


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