Deadlift: The King of Compound Exercises

If you want to burn the most amount of fat and be able to achieve a strong and muscular physique, a lot of personal trainers will suggest that you do the Deadlift.

What is the Deadlift? The deadlift is a compound exercise that targets multiple muscle groups per rep. In fact, the deadlift is considered to be the King of compound exercises.

Wait, why is that so? Well, that’s because deadlift gives you strength, muscles, and overall physical well-being. You see, every repetition you do uses all of the muscle groups in your body.

When you start deadlifting, your arms and forearms work to hold the bar. Next, your shoulders and traps works as stabilizers to keep the barbell where it needs to be. Third, you utilize your back and core muscles to keep your entire body stable throughout the lift. And lastly, your legs support the weight of the barbell every time you do one repetition.

In short, the deadlift uses all of the muscle groups in the body so that you burn more fat and you gain more muscle per repetition. Sounds fantastic, right? So, how do you actually perform a deadlift? I am glad you ask, here are things you need to know:

  1. Stand in the middle of the barbell. Then, start to lean forward and try grabbing the bar.
  2. When you get a hold of the bar, slightly bend your knees a little bit. Make sure you bend just enough to reach the bar.
  3. Straighten your back, inhale, and slowly stand up and pull the barbell with you.
  4. Make sure you get your power from your hips, that is why it is critical that you inhale first before you pull.

You’ve performed one rep of the deadlift when you achieve the standing position with the barbell at hip level. After you stand with the barbell, slowly lower the barbell. When the barbell goes below your knees, slowly bend them until you reach the floor. Rinse and repeat.

Now, there are many variations of the deadlift, but the one I taught you is the conventional one. A lot of pro bodybuilders actually incorporate the deadlift into their routine because it’s how they got their mass.

Proper form is key when doing the deadlift. Here are top rookie mistakes you should avoid at all cost:

  1. Don’t Wear Running Shoes- This is because you will become taller when you wear one, which results in you having to pull for a long time. Avoid this by wearing minimalist lifting shoes or even wearing no footwear at all.
  2. Use mixed grips sparingly- A mixed grip is when one hand grabs the bar over and one under. This is usually okay, provided that you do not do this often. Why, you ask? Because if you do over-under grips too often, this will result into long-term muscle imbalances. Stick with the double-overhand grip and only resort to the mixed grip when it is absolutely necessary.
  3. Don’t Overextend your Back- When lifting the barbell, make sure to stand upright and don’t try to overextend your back to avoid spine injury.

There you have it, adding deadlifts to your weight-training regimen will give you faster results. Achieve that muscular body by doing the king of all compound exercises!


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